The Best Gifts for Skiers

The Best Gifts for Skiers
Skiers are a special breed. They’re the type of people who happily leave the house at the crack of dawn, usually in November, to go slide down hills covered in snow. They’re also not afraid of vertical drop or cold weather, and they have an almost unnatural love for things like ski lifts and gondolas. If you know someone who skis - perhaps it’s even you - here’s our list of some great gift ideas for skiers this winter.

A Good Pair of Gloves

The simplest way to make skiing more enjoyable is also the cheapest. A good pair of gloves is something that most skiers will appreciate, and you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a decent pair. If you know the brand and type of glove your skier likes to wear, you can usually find them for a decent price online during winter. If you don’t know what brand or type of glove they’d like, you can give them a gift card to pick out their pair.
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New Skis and Boots

Skis and boots might be a good option if you’re looking for a bigger gift but don’t know what type of glove to get. In addition to being something that most skiers appreciate, skis and boots are also something that most skiers will need to replace every year or two. While you can find some decent used skis and boots at a ski swap, new gear is often at a great price point during the winter when ski gear manufacturers try to get rid of old stock. You can usually find good deals on skis and boots online or at big-box stores during the winter months.

The Latest Ski Gear

As an even larger gift, you could consider picking out the latest ski gear for the skier in your life. This could include ski jackets, pants, goggles, helmets, or even some fancy new indoor skis. There are a few considerations when giving ski gear as a gift. If you’re buying new ski gear for the skier in your life, make sure the gear is appropriate for their type of skiing. While you might think that all skiers wear the same gear, you’d be surprised by the number of differences between types of skiers and their gear. For example, alpine skiers often wear different gear than cross-country skiers. For more on ski gear options, check out our website.

A Fancy Ski Jacket

Finally, you could go big with a fancy ski jacket. Ski jackets are one of the most expensive pieces of ski gear, but they are also something that skiers use every day and will appreciate for years to come. You can find cheap ski jackets at most sporting goods stores, but if you’re looking for something special, you should check out online retailers.
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If you’re looking to buy a gift for a skier, you should keep a few things in mind. Skiers are a special breed, so while they appreciate almost any gift, they also really appreciate thoughtful gifts. If you know what type of skiing someone does, you can select specific gear for that type of skiing. Alpine skiers, for example, often wear different gear than cross-country skiers. If you don’t know what type of skier the person you’re shopping for is, you can still find gifts that are useful for nearly every type of skier. Gloves, skis and boots, and jackets are all useful for any skiing.

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