5 Ski Tips for Beginner Skiers

5 Ski Tips for Beginner Skiers
Winter weather is almost here in the northern hemisphere. Imagine how amazing it will be to wear ski goggles, comfortable ski boots, stylish ski jacket and protective ski helmet, heading to the slope.
Never mind if you are a beginner skier, experience will never affect your interest rate. In this article we prepare 5 tips for beginning skiers, grab your snowboard boots and you will soon master giant slalom.

Table of Content:

  • Find a good ski school
  • Get a helmet
  • Learn how to use poles
  • Learn how to turn
  • Learn how to stop

Find a good ski school

A great ski school will teach you how to ski properly and safely, it is highly recommended for beginner in learning to ski.
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A good ski lesson will also help you learn about skiing equipment and safety gear. If you have never been skiing before, then a ski school will give you the confidence to start out right.

Get a helmet

Helmets are important for protecting your head while skiing. Helmets should fit snugly and cover your ears and neck. Make sure that they do not interfere with your vision during winter sports.
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Learn how to use poles

Poles are helpful for balance and stability. You can use them to push yourself forward or pull yourself back. It takes some time to feel comfortable when using them, keep practicing!

Learn how to turn

Turning is the best way to control your speed. When you want to slow down, lean forward, bend your knees and slide your feet backwards. To go faster, lean back and slide your feet forwards.

Learn how to stop

Stopping is the easiest way to stop quickly. Lean forward and place your hands on the ground. Slide your feet backwards and lift your knees off the ground. 

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