Destination Ski: How to Choose the Right Ski Resort

Destination Ski: How to Choose the Right Ski Resort

Summer is over, and the days are getting shorter and colder. For many, this signals the start of what they’ve been looking forward to all year: ski season.

Many who are fortunate enough to live in ski towns may never consider traveling to a ski destination. But for those who don’t hold a season pass to their local hill, a ski vacation may be in order.

But what needs to be assessed before you book a trip to Jackson Hole or Aspen Highlands? With mountain resorts popping up everywhere around North America, figuring out how to choose your ski destination can make, or break, your trip.

Black Diamonds or Green Circles?

How well do you ski? The skiing ability of all who are coming on the ski vacation needs to be contemplated. One ski destination may offer a variety of ski runs, ranging from beginner to expert. Another resort may have runs that are hardly considered skiable terrain.

Ski resorts like Beaver Creek offer 19 different green, or beginner ski runs. This makes it not only a great place for a new skier but a great ski destination for a family. Beaver Creek isn’t just for beginners, though. With 43 intermediate ski runs, and 38 advanced, even the most seasoned skier will find a challenge. 


Many ski destinations have made a trip to the mountain resort easier by also providing lodging. Jackson Hole resort offers lodging packages to make a stay with them that much easier, as do many others. 

Lodging is just the start. They also have restaurants, cafes, and markets on the mountain. Rental shops allow you to leave your gear at home. Ski and snowboard lessons are also available.

Other resorts, such as Mt. Bachelor, don’t have lodging accommodations at the mountain itself. Many resorts like this are located near historic ski towns where you can find great places to stay and even better restaurants. Plan ahead of time, though, as these places fill up.

We Skied, Now What?

You’re tired, you’re sore, and you’ve finished your last run but you have an entire evening ahead of you. Surely you didn’t come to this beautiful mountain resort to sit in your hotel room. Finding a ski destination with non-skiing options is key to having a great trip.

Resorts like Aspen Highland offer great activities that don’t require skis or boards being strapped to your feet. Snowcat rides, alpine rollercoasters, and snowbiking just to name a few.

Or get off the hill and explore the nearby ski towns. Heavenly Ski Resort is located in the well-known Lake Tahoe area of California and is only minutes from the town of South Lake Tahoe. Gondola rides, ice skating, and good beer await you.

It Costs How Much?!

With lift tickets alone exceeding $100, don’t expect your ski vacation to be cheap. There are many things to weigh when thinking about the cost of going to one of these ski destinations. Many resorts offer packaged deals, lift tickets and lodging included, for a discount.

Some may save on lodging by not staying at the resort. However, you need to consider the cost of transportation to the mountain. To save some money, look for resorts that offer shuttles to the mountain. These shuttles can be cheaper than 2 gallons of gas!

Making sure you get the best value for your money can be tricky, especially with so many different things to consider. With so many phenomenal ski destinations around North America, as long as snow conditions are good, you’re bound to have a memorable experience!

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